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Founded in 2019 by the association of Jean-Raymond VANIER (CEO of PMA28) and Pierre-Yves COPY (CEO of FRUITOFOOD),the Plants & Fruits group aims to promote a range of natural products by focusing on organic and conventional agriculture.The holding company now includes 4 distinct entities, and aims to develop commercial and industrial synergies between all of them, in order to accelerate its growth.

Located mainly in the Centre-Val de Loire, the group's four companies are dynamic SMEs specializing in the drying of medicinal and aromatic plants (PMA28), the dehydration of fruits (FRUITOFOOD), the cold pressing of oils (HUILERIES DE BEAUCE ) and natural hemp-based insulation (GATICHANVRE).


Creation of the Plantes & Fruits holding company by the association of PMA28 and FRUITOFOOD


Creation of the PMA28 company based in Varize

Launch of the CO' Fruits and Chef & Artisan ranges


Expansion of PMA28 in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria)

Development of the range of water co-products: Onativ'


Creation of the FRUITOFOOD company based in Fontaine-Simon


Takeover of the company by the Plantes & Fruits holding company and a new management team

Group companies

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Producer, processor and trader, PMA28 specializes in medicinal and aromatic plants.

Specialist for more than 20 years in the dehydration of fruits and vegetables, FRUITOFOOD offers its products in different forms and grain sizes.

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SN GATICHANVRE specializes in natural hemp-based insulation. In partnership with a hundred producers, the company is diversifying into different areas using hemp.

HUILERIES DE BEAUCE specializes in the pressing of oilseeds intended for the production of vegetable oils and cakes.

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