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Our commitments for the planet

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We are improving our environmental impact, but also the health and

safety of our employees!

Thanks to the EcO2 process, the management of our pests does not require any chemical substance! Thus, there is no danger for animals, products, employees and consumers!

The Plantes & Fruits group is continually improving the supply chain in order to make it ever more respectful of biodiversity and its environment, in particular by working on reducing its waste and its recovery (methanizer, recycling)._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


In this evolving context, one thing is destined not to change: the high quality of the products, which remain as natural as ever.


01. Reduce the environmental impact of our activities

02. Recover our waste

03. Protect nature and its biodiversity

04. Make employees aware of eco-gestures

Recycle operation!

Fruitofood has partnered with My office waste and recycled almost 17 kg of used masks, used during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Collection terminals have been installed in the company with the 26 volunteer employees, at the town hall and at the Fontaine-Simon elementary school, in order to collect as many masks as possible and make the volume to be recycled.

16.8 kg of masks collected
at FruitoFood

Protect nature and its biodiversity

We install hives close to our plots to promote biodiversity and protect the pollinators, and enjoy a delicious sweet nectar at the same time!


Our eco-pastures are designed to accommodate goats on our unoccupied green spaces. Animals maintain grassland vegetation allowing pollinating insects to develop there.

Thus, less CO2 is released (compared to a mechanical petrol mower). It is a fun solution that allows you to comply with the Zerophyto law, which prohibits the use of chemical weedkillers in public spaces.


The placement of sheep is an asset for environmental labels such as theISO 14001, HQE (High Environmental Quality), AB (Organic farming).

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