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From CSR to sustainable territorial development

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Our territory : an inexhaustible source

Located in the heart of Beauce and Perche, Plants & Fruits is proud to contribute to the development of the region and the revaluation of employment.

To be rooted in a territorye, it is also reflect on its transformation and the evolution of the role and place of economic actors within it. This is why the Group is committed to strategic thinking and building a set of public-private partnerships with its ecosystem. 

Long-lasting and solid partnerships

We also strive to contribute to the development of the economy of our local ecosystem by maintaining and developing

our links with our local suppliers and service providers.

We favor our purchases of consumables and materials on the extra local:  hardware stores, printers, maintenance...



01. Contribute to the territorial dynamic

02. Promote CSR in the local sector

03. Support the transition to more sustainable operations

04. Develop the territories of our suppliers and support our customers

Promoting CSR: a local contribution

The contribution to local development is a long-term construction.  It is necessary to press the contributory aspect because it is in no way mandatory for companies. Nevertheless, it is essential for the Group to participate in all of this.


As a result, we participate in the territorial life of our sectors, and carry out our mission of collaboration with stakeholders:

Organization of visits to our companies, official events on the territory of the communities of municipalities, wage, and HR events in the territory: Job dating, trades forum, etc.

Visite PMA28

The agricultural teams support the partner producers and together develop more virtuous practices for the environment: mechanical weeding as an alternative to chemical weeding for example, the maintenance of natural areas, the establishment of certified sectors, etc...

Agricultural engineer - PMA28

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