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Our activities: at the heart of sustainable development

Pommes dans une caisse

Work for responsible growth and sustainably support our customers


Our responsible growth is based on the desire to remain close to our customers, to understand and meet their most demanding challenges thanks to our technical expertise.. We act with ethics and transparency, and guarantee the best possible quality of products.

Our responsible growth also involves a permanent and open dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders around the world.

The Plantes & Fruits group supports its customers in the development of products and ranges, thanks to various tests set up in the structures by the R&D departments.


We rely on external technical and regulatory support, in order to obtain credible and sustainable performance levers thanks to the means provided: tests, analyses, references, regulations... (ITEPMAI)


01. Structure the group strategy

02. Invest in the future and innovate

03. Support our suppliers

Development of ranges frome

our co-products

R&D departments in each structure,to innovate and develop new product ranges:

> Onative':a range of recycled fruit water by-products, intended for the cosmetics industry

> Oil mills of Beauce:we study and yearalysonsthe seeds of our plants (PMA28) and work them to obtain cold-pressed oil, and cakes intended for the animal feed industries.

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Dialogue with our stakeholders

Transparent and constructive exchanges with our stakeholders are one of the pillars of our corporate social responsibility approach. 


Created in 2020 and chaired by the Group's management, the COPILRSE (Steering Committee) brings together around ten internal members. It meets three to four times a year to develop and advance the policy of Plantes & Fruits on sustainable development and corporate responsibility on the various themes.


Within the QHSE department, a team of 5 people work daily to satisfy all customers. We make every effort to guarantee plants that meet their requirements, thanks to close collaboration with our suppliers and our production teams.

QHSE Manager - PMA28

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